You have to leave Paris soon and build a new life in the city of New York known as the economic capital of the world, also a city that never sleeps: there are always something to do in New York. The Berton Group can help you in your removal from Paris to New York.

Your international move with the Berton Group 

The Berton Group is a company; which handles a moving abroad between America and Europe, more precisely from Paris to New York. In fact, we are member in the “Gentleman du demenagement” recognized as a professional international mobility. Since we have already many years of experience and hire only experimented team, we can assure you a safe and well-organized relocation. Besides, our service is for everyone, we do not have special clients; we serve all particular, professional, family and individual …

Removal from Paris to New York : Transports adapted to your demand

3 types of transports are available to removal your furniture and vehicles from Paris to New York. The main thing is that we can adapt the transport to your demand


Little do you have to be afraid of damage and breakage because those transports are all safe at the beginning. 

Working with professional removers

 There is no good thing like having a professional remover to help you during your removal, which is a very challenging chore for people who do not have competence for it. Thus, hiring an experimented team from Berton Group totally reduces your burden. Thanks to the adequate materials, we guarantee the safety of your furniture and vehicles. It also allows us to save our time and our energy. 

Besides, our team accompany you until the removal to New York is totally complete. In fact, they can support you to find some accommodations, schools, supermarket, restaurants that are settle in New York.

The most important is that we can make your international move exceptional; we can personalize your move. Yes, it is possible, you can choose your own transport, you can limit the date, you can order something else about the relocation however, if you need some suggestions from us, the pleasure is for us to give it. 

The removers of Berton Group can take in charge the whole duties during your removal from Paris to New York and we promise you a perfect international move. 

For additional support 

If you need more information or more supports concerning your removal to New York, do not hesitate to contact our customer advisors who are available at any time and for everyone. They can give you satisfying answer according to your demand. 

We invite you to book the service in the page, fulfill the removal’s formula and send your quote.

For rental of furniture storage contact a professional company.