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The elapsed time keeps going though. This is such a weird error and I was wondering if anyone could help me fix this. It matters. The event or effect at the exact place the render stops could be the source of the problem. It varies. Is this variation with the same project? As John Dennis suggests my first place to start investigating would be what’s on the timeline at the point sony vegas pro 13 how to render for youtube free failure.

Okay here’s a few updates to the original post. I will preface this by saying I’ve been using Vegas for about 12 years. Started with version 7 and now I’m on I’ve been having problems with crashing since I’ve had this new computer but I’ve always been able to get a project done so I’ve ignored it. Recently now, this problem arises. Here’s a photo of what the issue looks like.

This is for another project. I’m rendering out a portion of a larger project because it features multiple short films. Here is the stats using Mediainfo of the raw video. I’m trying to render this out in x at That’s extension thing sony vegas pro 13 how to render for youtube free a glitch. And I’m rendering нажмите для деталей a source читать далее because it’s a music video. I want the video to look vintage while still having clear audio.

Could this be a problem? Do you? If so, have you tried turning off подробнее на этой странице support as a test? I tried extending the time that sony vegas pro 13 how to render for youtube free hard drive stays on.

Here’s the file info around the part of the render when it hangs. Streams Video: Plug-In Name: compoundplug. Notice the black blips every now and then. This is another problem. Is there a phone number one of you guys could give me and walk me through this?

I have several projects that have a deadline. I really can’t figure this out. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? You may be blocked if you misuse this feature! Sign in. Back to post. Check Power Plan to insure that the machine does not try to sleep, hibernate or allow the hard drives to spin down during a render.

How do I run a system and memory diagnostic? See HP for system diagnostics. It’s a manufactured system from a vendor. No actually, the frame rate of the RAW video is Do you really need two. There’s no point to rendering your x source to x Any other ideas as to what this could be?

I’m still not really understanding what to do here. Basically run through the list John gave you. MOV to the same template as your main project. MOV on google drive, OneDrive or dropbox. Someone will download the file and check it. Divide your project into 3 to 5 segments and render each segment to an uncompressed AVI. Combine the segments in a new project and attempt to render to the render template you’re using for your main project. Hint: Overlap the segments and include markers in each render to aid in alignment.

I noticed you’re in 32 bit float mode, why is that? I’m not too sure, haha. Should I change it? Report as questionable. Cancel Send. Cancel OK.



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