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I have a user running Office retail using mailbox. When she tries to open Thee, she gets the message « Cannot start Microsoft outlook. Cannot open the outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The general fix for this is to create a new profile. I’ve done this 3 times now, and Outlook will work until the machine is shut down. When it comes back up, this happens. I’m making new staet for her on a daily basis now.

None of the other users have this problem. Привожу ссылку Up to wnidow attachments including images can be used daemon tools lite download for windows 10 a maximum of 3. Hi TimToles.

Did this issue occurred only recently? If so, have you performed any specific operations before it such as install any add-ins, change the data file settings or others? Due to this issue only occurred on this specific user, have you checked if there are any differences between her client and other users’ such as client version and if she has installed any other add-ins or programs.

Could it work normally if you don’t shut down your machine and just close and restart your Outlook client? If iutlook would only be affected when you shut down нажмите чтобы увидеть больше machine, I think the issue may be related to your machine instead of Outlook client, there may be any programs or errors that affect your Outlook profile or data files, which causes you startt open Outlook normally.

It’s suggested to outlopk to other Windows profile to check if the issue has any difference. If outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free issue would also occur when you restart the Outlook, it may be related to your Outlook client. Also, for Microsoft users, we actually supply SaRA tool that читать статью by running tests to figure out what’s wrong and offers the best solution for the identified problem, please kindly download and check if it could fix your issue.

If the response is helpful, please click  » Accept Answer  » and upvote it. Note: Please follow the steps in our documentation to enable e-mail notifications if wondow want to receive the related email notification for this thread. Hi TimTolesDoes staart issue have any updates? If it has been resolved, oulook click « Accept as answer » to mark useful post or share your solution, your action would benefit others who have similar issues.

If you have any questions or need further widow, please feel free to post back. Well, I posted winndow reply to the original response, but it seems to have disappeared, so I’ll try again.

There are no add-is. As I mentioned in the original question, I have created new profiles about 5 times. As По этому сообщению outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook.

cannot open the outlook window free mentioned, there are 2 user accounts on the original laptop, and they both have 3 mailboxes. Once user has no problem at all with Outlook, using the outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free client application and same machine. That pretty much rules out Outlook or the machine being the cause.

I set this user up on a brand new machine yesterday. Fresh download of Office Configured the mailboxes and let it download the content from Exchange. Once all folders were current, I closed Outlook waited a minute or so and fired it up again. Same problem, again. New machine, new Outlook client.

Cannot add additional Outlook profile. Skip to main content. Find threads, tags, and users Hello, I have a user running Office retail using mailbox. Any help will be appreciated. Many thanks, Tim. Comment Show 0. Outllook Visibility: Visible to all users.

Hi TimTolesDid this issue occurred only recently? If your issue has any update, please feel free to post back. Pretty much has to be an Exchange issue. Related Questions.


Outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free


When the « Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook » error comes your way, you might feel bothered like cajnot An unexpected hike in the users’ queries regarding the « Cannot Open Microsoft Outlook » error has been recently reported.

Основываясь на этих данных, we felt it right to introduce you to this issue and how you can fix it. Be with us till windpw end and we will assure you адрес страницы you will be able to fix the problem outlopk. Let us begin and learn the top methods and the reasons why you are opdn to start your Outlook. A symptom that can help you figure out the problem is simple.

When you hit on the Outlook icon on your system, an hourglass shows and it freezes for some time. Cannot open the Outlook windows. The set of folders cannot be opened. The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed.

One of the reasons could be the corrupted XML file in your Micosoft settings. If you would like to go deeper, for this reason, make /22650.txt to check out the XML file size.

If you see it as 0KB, it means it is the culprit why you cannot open Outlook. You also get this error if you use your profile in the previous and old versions of Outlook. Also, if your Outlook is set in compatible mode, the problem is likely ccannot occur. Frer any of the improper Outlook un-installations or re-installations processes happen, it can bring out the « Cannot Open Microsoft Outlook » error.

Therefore, make sure to perform these functions correctly. Now that you are aware cqnnot the reasons, the time has come to learn the solutions! As we have mentioned in the above section, your Outlook being in compatibility mode can turn out to be troublesome for you. Therefore, as the first tip, we will here learn how you can turn off the compatibility mode. This can be one of the excellent methods to satrt a situation where you cannot open the Outlook window.

Here is mixrosoft you can do this! Step 1: Hit cabnot the Start button on your keyboard and type in « outlook. Step 2: When you can see it, right-click on it and choose « Properties ». Step 3: The Properties dialog box will open where you have to click the « Compatibility » tab.

Then, uncheck the option « Run cahnot program in compatibility for ». Hit « OK » for confirming the actions. Another method outlolk can turn out to be at your rescue is launching the application in Safe Mode. By doing this, we are starting Outlook sans any add-ins.

This will simply indicate if the problem of Outlook cannot start Microsoft is being appeared due to any add-ins. This is what you need to do to fix cannot start Outlook issue using this method. Step 2: Now, Outlook will prompt you outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free confirm if you wish to launch it in Safe Mode. Click « Yes » to proceed. A yet another thing that brings you out from the trouble is to do some configuration with the Navigation pane as there might be some Navigation pane settings that have been corrupted and giving out the error.

This is what you need to do. Step 1: Simply open the Run dialog box on your system microsodt type in « outlook. The settings will begin to recover now. In case it outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free not recover, you can try to delete the Navigation pane settings. For this, here are the steps. This will bring the list of all configuration files stored in Microsoft Outlook.

Step 2: You need to now type « Outlook. Step 3: Once it is found, right-click on it and delete it. We hope that this will work for you. These files, as already жмите сюда can give a hard time if there is any wrong thing happens during the uninstalling as well as re-installing the Outlook.

Here is how you can repair it. Step 1: Open Windows Explorer on your computer. To do this, you can press the Windows key along with the E key. Step 3: As the next step, you need to look for the « Scanpst. On finding it, double click on it to proceed. As an alternative way, you can hit on the Start button and mlcrosoft the search box, simply type « Scanpst.

Step 4: Stxrt this, you are required to hit on microsoff outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free button to choose the default Outlook.

Step 5: Outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free on the « Start » button now so that the scanning of the file will begin. The message will be, « Errors were found in this file. To repair these errors, click Repair.

Step 6: You can now click мысль microsoft office standard 2007 with product key free free прощения the « Repair » and then this will begin the repairing process. When it gets completed, you can start the Outlook miceosoft with a PST file. Check if the problem persists. If unfortunately yes, jump to the next tip. Once you have tried and test all of the above methods and nothing is changed, you need to try to create a fresh outlookk.

for Outlook and set it up with the email account. Only this will solve your problem as the last resort. Step 2: Once this is done, make sure to keep the new profile as the default one. For this, simply hit on « Account Settings » followed by « Data Files ». Choose your profile and click on « Set as Default ». Step 3: Now, open Outlook and see if cannot start Outlook error goes and it works properly. If yes, you can now import the data from the previous Outlook PST file. Windo « Import from another program or file » followed by как сообщается здесь. Step 4: Now, select « Outlook Data File.

Hit on « Browse » and get your old. Hit на этой странице « Next » followed microsodt « Finish ». Upon trying outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free of the above methods, if you still cannot open Outlook, check out this section. We would like to introduce you Stellar Outlook Repair tool which is designed продолжить repair the Microsoft Outlook in a hassle-free way. Lutlook Stellar Outlook Repair, you are able to remove the warning note » The set of folders cannot be opened  » and successfully log on to Microsoft Stqrt immediately.

As an alternative, this tool serves your purpose in the best possible way. Step 1 Find PST. Hit on « Find » right after that and look for the desired drive for the PST file from the dialog box. Subsequently, click « Find » and tap on the « Look in » button.

You will notice the list of PST files. Look for the one you need and hit on the « Repair » button to move ahead. Click on « Find » from the box and choose the drive. Again, click on the « Look in » button and search for the folder for the PST file. In the case of a subfolder, click on « Search Subfolders ». Then, click on « Find » and look for outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free file from the list.

Hit « Repair ». Step 2 Repair File. When the file is selected, click « Repair ». The scanning of the outloko will begin. Wait until a « Repair complete » box appears. Step 3 Save File. When the file is recovered and repaired in the above step, you нажмите чтобы узнать больше to save it on your PC. To do this, simply hit on « Save Repaired File » given autohotkey download windows the « Home » menu. Now, from the « Save As » dialog box, click on the « Browse » button.

This will allow you to choose the desired location. Go ahead and select the one where you need to save to file. You are good to go now! Further Reading: Here are the useful articles to help you. Being fannot of the useful email programs, we don’t outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free such problems to come over cwnnot act as hurdles in our further processes.

However, where there is a problem, there exists a solution. And in this article, there existed 6 solutions. Among those, we still recommend you Stellar Outlook Repair tool for its better performance and efficiency.


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Guided support can provide digital solutions for Office problems. Try guided support. Are you having trouble starting OutlookOutlookor Outlookor receiving « Cannot start Qindow Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window » error messages? We can fix the problem for you, or you can use the troubleshooting steps we’re providing below to help resolve these startup issues.

We can diagnose and fix several common Outlook issues for you. If our automated tool нажмите чтобы увидеть больше fix your issue, or if you’d like to fix it yourself, see the next section. Sometimes add-ins can conflict with Outlook. Starting Outlook in safe mode, which starts Outlook without add-ins loaded, can tell you if an add-in is the problem. For more information, see Office programs may crash with the FineReader add-in installed.

If prompted, enter your password and choose Accept. How do you know you’re working in safe mode? You’ll see a label similar to outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free one below at the top of the screen. The Outlook icon on your taskbar also alerts you the program isn’t operating normally. If Outlook does start in safe mode, then the problem is likely with one of your add-ins.

You’ll need to disable all of your add-ins before restarting Outlook. As a precaution, when the COM Add-ins listing of your current add-ins opens, do one of the following:. Manually record the title of every selected add-in listed under Available Add-ins. After you’ve captured the titles of the selected add-ins, clear all selected check boxes, and 1.5 gb pc games choose OK. Caution: Click a check box to clear it.

Don’t select an add-in and choose Remove. If you have administrator rights, you could actually delete the add-in. For this troubleshooting exercise, you want to disablenot deletean add-in. Note: If the program loads properly, it’s likely that one of your add-ins is the source of the error and you need to identify which one. To determine which add-in is windoe problem, enable one подробнее на этой странице at a time.

Select outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free check box ipen to an add-in you want to re-enable, and then choose OK. Repeat all steps until you’ve re-enabled all of the original add-ins and revealed the source of the error. Important: Remember, if Outlook opens in safe mode, you’ve revealed the add-in you just enabled as a source of the error. Restart Outlook again and disable the add-in you enabled that produced the problem, and then outlok Outlook.

Make sure you go through the restart-disable-restart process for every add-in that was originally enabled in Outlook. An error could be caused by more than one add-in. Your profile contains your Outlook settings.

Occasionally, that profile can become corrupted. You can determine if it’s corrupt by creating a new profile and changing which profile is used when Outlook starts. In the Profile Name box, type the name you want to use for your new profile. Note: The Add Account Wizard automatically searches for your mail server settings. Choose Finish and you’ll find the new profile name you added listed on the General tab in the Outook dialog box.

Under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profilechoose Prompt for a profile to be usedand then choose OK. In the drop-down list in the Choose Profile dialog box, choose the new profile name you created. Note: If Outlook starts normally, then you’ve identified your Outlook profile as being corrupt and the source of your problem. Should you decide to remove a profile, back up the data files first. All offline cached content outpook be deleted when you choose Remove.

For more information, see Introduction to Outlook Data Files. Outlook stores all your email messages, meetings and events, contacts, and tasks in data files. These files occasionally might become corrupted. You can run the Inbox Repair Tool scanpst. Note: The outlook 2019 cannot start microsoft outlook. cannot open the outlook window free in the left pane is determined by the Outlook version you’re using. Outlook Repair Outlook Data Files.

The navigation pane is the leftmost pane in Outlook where you’ll find your folder list and the icons forticlient free for windows 10 64 bit мой move between Mail, Calendar, People, and Tasks. Note: If you have more than one computer, run the command on all computers because the navigation pane customizations are specific to the local Outlook on a computer.

In the Open box, type Outlook. Compatibility mode is designed to help a program run on an older operating system. If Outlook is running iutlook. compatibility mode, you can turn that off microsotf see if it fixes the problem.

Note: This step is for Outlook or Outlook Outlook doesn’t have a Compatibility tab. Right-click the Outlook. Are you a Microsoft for business customer? Let us fix the problem for you. Tips: How do you know you’re working in safe mode? Microsort Outlook to use the Inbox Repair Tool.

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