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But if someone want to use it in their practise – please write me, I can connect the library to your ArchiCAD license. Also included Manual, that explains basics of the template.

This development is something that I didn’t finish to develop and have to continue. I just stack in the middle because of health problems – I’ve got a disability. If there are people who want to help me to continue this development – I would be more than happy. Labels: Labels: BIM management. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Anonymous Not applicable. Hi Podolsky, Thanks for your generous offer. Hope you get well soon. I’m not sure. I’m getting better soon already past 10 years approximately.

But back to subject. The main point of the library and the template – to extend standard ArchiCAD settings for more professional workflow i. Organise folders and views, make drawings publishing faster. Achieve better automation with simple GDL tools. It’s been developed for UK because I live here. But can be adopted for another countries standards too. For example I used the same template with modifications of course in Israel – with Hebrew language support – also was good. Important part of the template and library – to control as much parameters as possible via MVO – for example all custom labels and markers sizes are connected to MVO as well pens , as well font.

For example it’s possible instantly change the font in all markers in the project. There is quite cool and simple tool for scheduling by using old listing feature ArchiCAD feature that is hidden now by default. There is built-in simple database – where user can enter description of the product and photo – after program automatically matches elements in the project by ID and generates nice looking schedule.

So it can be anything – library parts, morphs I also introduced 5 levels of details how it suppose to be by international BIM standards. Quite nice parts for MEP – drainage, ventilation and electrical sockets. It uses real product, that after generates detailed schedules of parts for procurement with codes from manufacturer catalogue. All these features have been tested on running project in Design and Build company. We built a house in the Centre of London – and it was really helpful for construction.

The quality of BIMx models was really high and builders used iPads on site. I hope this work can be useful for many architects, who wants to achieve high quality BIM models and construction documentation. The only weak point of it – libraries been developed for needs of running project and do not cover everything. After taking some break I have to continue to improve amount and quality of the library parts. I hope to receive more support and response for this forum, as currently in London is total silence.

Hi Podolsky Thank you for your great offer! The amount of work that has gone into this must have been huge. I already have my own template from Belgium , but I would be glad to use and integrate some of your work if that is ok with you. I would have to dive a little deeper in yours. Hi Peter, Everyone is welcomed to use this template or part of it – as they want.

Anyway – if someone will consider to use my work in their practise – write me PM – I’ll give more instructions how to change logo in title blocks, connect to ArchiCAD license and options for further GDL developments.

By the way, in library parts interface there is my personal email – so anyone can contact me, even if they don’t know this forum. Hi Podolsky, Awesome, it’s always nice to have a glimpse of how others work. A first glance remark: the manual won’t open in Adobe Acrobat DC properly for me, that’s an issue with the Pages export, I think happened to me previously. What is the advantage of using the Grid tool over using Morphs for the site boundary?

Aaron Bourgoin Advisor. I’ll add my thanks to the thanks of all the others. I was able to open the PDF in Preview. Grid can be shown on sections automatically not always, of course, but This is the only reason why I used grids.

In general – it would be better to have special site boundary tool. When you are making proper construction documentation trying to follow all national CAD standards – facing to these small limitations of ArchiCAD tools. I just tried to create more advanced system.

Another example – brick count tool, that can be placed on top of wall section to show bricks – as temporary solution using GDL programming. It would be nice to see more professional solution i. See attached image, showing detailed section scale, completely generated from 3D model the only 2D here – annotation. It shows how I used brick tool and storey elevation markers.

Preview file. I created a similar object for the same purpose. Having them in 3D is a good way to coordinate openings and other things to reduce cut waste. I don’t understand this – you mean a custom dimension, or how are these linked to the elevation marker? Sorry, I’m not familiar with UK acronyms. Whether you need to produce 2D or 3D documentation, Archicad makes it easy and fast, ensuring the best visual quality of your documents. Get accurate displays of all the information — both graphical and numerical — straight from the BIM model.

Inches or centimeters? Single-swing or folding? Prefabricated or on-site? Access to BIM data templates makes it easy to comply with local standards, while access to standard detail libraries makes it easy to incorporate existing localized standards information into your project documentation. Create automation scripts in Archicad and complete command chains using high-level programming languages like Python. Access general element, property information, and element listing information, and modify these and other Archicad element classifications as necessary.

Publish projects from Archicad to shared online locations with ease thanks to a streamlined submission process.

Archicad takes care of it all. Architectural visualization is an art form. Stay focused, design more. With powerful improvements to automated design, documentation, and collaboration workflows, and professional out-of-the-box visualization solutions, Archicad 26 lets you focus on what you do best: design great buildings. Learn about all the features in Archicad over at Graphisoft Community — or get expert help through a state-of-the-art, user-friendly experience that combines Archicad Talk and Help Center into one, easy-to-search resource.

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Archicad Design Visualize Collaborate Document. Archicad — BIM by architects for architects. Try Archicad now. On the Water Building. Nikken Sekei, Japan Location. Archicad is very simple to learn, yet the product itself is profound. Tomohiko Yamanashi Client. Nikken Sekkei, Japan Company. Shell Building.

Kitasaku District, Japan Location. Kotaro Ide Client. Principal, AIA Title. Artechnic Architects, Japan Company. Never ordinary Elevate your designs with the use of free-form tools that turn the ordinary into extraordinary.

Model at any level of detail Start with a basic element and add details as your design evolves. Share and explore your ideas Explore ideas and design alternatives, leaving no stone unturned. Aidea, Philippines. Lights out for eye strain Reduce eye strain in low-light conditions by switching to Dark Mode.

Stadium Building. Rumania Location. Jorge Beneitez Client. Managing Director, Co-Founder Title. Enzyme, Hong Kong Company. Guggenhill Residence Building. USA Location. Ken Adler Client. Principal Title. Built-in Sketch Render Present your 3D model as an image by producing non-photorealistic renderings with Sketch Render— best suited for early project phases — using different free-hand effects, like felt tip, pencil, graphite, or marker.

Built-in White Render Focus on the model, its shapes and spaces, without going into details using the White Render function. Scenario Architects, UK.

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