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We use a purpose-built ocean model for the time-period before and after the calving of the Mertz-Glacier Tongue in , data from satellites and a validated food-availability model to estimate changes in horizontal flux of food since the glacier calving. We then predict the post-calving distribution of suspension feeder abundances using the established relationships with the environmental variables, and changes in horizontal flux of food.

Our resulting maps indicate strong increases in suspension feeder abundances close to the glacier calving site, fueled by increased food supply, while the remainder of the region maintains similar suspension feeder abundances despite a slight decrease in total food supply. The oceanographic setting of the entire region changes, with a shorter ice-free season, altered seafloor currents and changes in food-availability.

Our study provides important insight into the flow-on effects of a changing icescape on seafloor habitat and fauna in polar environments. Understanding these connections is important in the context of current and future effects of climate change, and the mapped predictions of the seafloor fauna as presented for the study region can be used as a decision-tool for planning potential marine protected areas, and for focusing future sampling and monitoring initiatives.

Primary productivity is at the base of most marine ecosystems. In Antarctica, primary production is highly seasonal and intricately tied to the location, timing and duration of sea-ice and ice-free areas such as polynyas Arrigo and Van Dijken, The collapse of large ice-shelves or calving of massive icebergs, and the retreat of sea-ice that is mainly observed around the Western Antarctic Peninsula in recent years Parkinson and Cavalieri, , can dramatically alter the oceanographic setting with down-stream effects on the pattern of primary production hotspots and on Southern Ocean ecosystems Arrigo et al.

Resulting changes in the location, timing and intensity of phytoplankton blooms Cape et al. Seafloor communities represent the richest component of Antarctic biodiversity Griffiths, , are highly endemic Griffiths et al.

However, despite evidence that a changing environment influences the distribution of these communities Gutt et al.

One of the reasons for the lack of quantitative studies is that although surface-derived food is one of the main drivers, it is only recently that the nature and strength of this relationship has been quantified on the Antarctic shelf using a so-called Food-Availability-Model FAM Jansen et al. Combining surface-productivity and ocean currents with particle-tracking, FAMs estimate the distribution of surface-derived food at the seafloor, and evaluate the estimates against data from sediment cores.

Jansen et al. One Antarctic region that has recently undergone drastic environmental changes is the George V shelf in East Antarctica. These environmental changes have consequences for the dynamics and distribution of primary production Shadwick et al. However, the effect of the MGT-calving on the seafloor across the region has so far neither been assessed nor observed, and so its impact on benthic communities across the continental shelf is still unknown.

Obtaining this knowledge, however, is crucial for meaningful assessment of the comprehensiveness, effectiveness and representativeness of the proposed marine protected areas in this region. Here, we i quantify differences in the environmental setting on the George V shelf that will affect the supply of food to the benthos.

In our modeling, we apply a recently developed FAM Jansen et al. We then ii map the distribution of benthic suspension feeder abundances before the glacier calving, using faunal abundances derived from underwater camera images and environmental predictor variables. Using the pre-calving statistical model for the suspension feeder abundances and the change in environmental conditions after the glacier calving, we then iii predict changes in suspension feeder abundances across the region, revealing the strong impact of the changing icescape on the seafloor ecosystem Figure 1 for general results, and Figure 2 for an overview of the study-region.

Figure 1. Graphic summarizing observed and predicted changes in environmental conditions sea-ice, surface-chl- a , ocean current speeds, food-export and seafloor fauna due to the calving of the Mertz Glacier Tongue MGT in The top graphic shows pre-calving environmental conditions and displays abundances of suspension feeders as observed from towed camera images.

The bottom graphic shows observed changes in sea-ice, surface-chl- a and the position of the grounded iceberg B09B, as well as modeled changes in ocean current speeds, food-availability and suspension feeder abundances.

Additional indicators are included in the bottom graphic to highlight important changes. Figure 2. Bathymetry Beaman et al. The dashed line shows the extent of the MGT prior to the calving in The inset map shows the location of the study area as highlighted by the red box.

Our results reveal that several aspects of the observed and the modeled marine environment have changed since the calving of the MGT Figure 3. Near the Mertz Bank, average surface-chlorophyll- a chl- a concentrations increase by a factor of two or more Figure 3C. The area of highest average surface-chl- a concentration also shows an eastward extension into areas previously covered by sea-ice.

In this area, the breakup of the sea-ice post-calving occurs much later in the year Supplementary Figure 1 , shortening the time-period where surface phytoplankton is observed by satellites from around 4. Figure 3. Comparison of mean values for selected biologically relevant environmental variables before and after the calving of the Mertz Glacier Tongue MGT in The first row shows environmental conditions in the 5 years leading up to the calving, the second row in the 5 years after, and the bottom row shows the magnitude of the change.

Panels D—F represent the speed of fluctuating currents tidal currents at the bottom layer of the regional ocean model used for this study Cougnon et al. Panels G—I show the number of particles moving horizontally along the seafloor before their permanent sedimentation on log-scale. In all maps the strongest changes can be observed in the Eastern section of the region, close to the location of the MGT. In the post-calving maps, the outline of the newly grounded iceberg B09B is added for reference while dotted lines indicate the original position of the glacier tongue before it broke off.

The FAM tracks and quantifies three components of surface-derived food particles: the sinking component captures the advection of phytodetrital matter by currents as it sinks through the water column until it reaches the seafloor; the flux component represents the horizontal flux of food particles along the seafloor before sedimentation; the settling component represents the final location of advected particles after taking into account the redistribution by seafloor currents.

Sinking and settling particles follow similar patterns to the other environmental variables mentioned before, with an eastward shift for the peak number of sinking and settling particles. The model-output shows an absence of sedimentation on large parts of the Mertz Bank closest to the former tip of the MGT due to increased current speeds Supplementary Figure 3.

Horizontal food flux along the seafloor, which is dependent mainly on the interaction between the distribution of surface productivity and seafloor current speeds, increases to fold on wide sections of the Mertz Bank Figure 3I. Further, most of the deeper sections of the shelf experience lower flux than before the calving. There is a good fit between the predicted values from the statistical model and the observed values at the sampling sites, with a slight underestimation of high cover values Figure 4.

The strong predicted increase in SF-abundance on the Mertz Bank in the east stems directly from the to fold increase in predicted particle flux that is a direct result of both increased surface production and stronger tidal currents.

Figure 4. The red dotted line indicates a perfect fit. Figure 5. Spatial predictions of percentage cover of suspension feeders on the seafloor before and after the glacier calving. Panels A—C show the predicted mean, and D—F the standard deviation of the predictions.

Note that changes are most pronounced on the Mertz bank close to where the glacier calving happened. The high predicted cover pre-calving under the glacier tip is driven by high current speeds, but samples have so far not been taken in this location. We predict that the calving of massive icebergs will have far-reaching effects on benthic communities mediated through the mechanism of pelagic-benthic coupling, and that changes occur even hundreds of kilometers away from the glacier tongue.

While previous studies have shown that calving events can have localized negative impacts on the benthos through iceberg scouring Gutt et al. Particularly strong changes are predicted in the horizontal flux of food particles post-calving, which is important in determining the distribution of suspension feeders Jansen et al. Similar to other Antarctic regions that have recently become ice-free e. The distribution of surface production around the newly formed polynya on the leeward side of the grounded iceberg B09B Fogwill et al.

Close to and below the position of the tip of the MGT before it broke away, where Beaman and Harris have previously found a high number of macrobenthic species, including many sponges and bryozoans, our model predicts a substantial decrease in SF-abundance, due to a decrease in floor current speed affecting the horizontal food-flux. However, we caution that little confidence should be placed in this result; the environmental conditions in this area might be unique due to the glacier tongue and we lack biological samples for this area.

Further, we also lack confidence in the food-availability-data because of missing data in the remotely sensed surface chl- a dataset see section Surface Productivity and Sea-Ice. However, because the survey was designed to cover a wide range of depths and geomorphologies Hosie et al. Regions around ice-shelves and glacier tongues provide valuable insight into the dynamic environment of the Antarctic shelf. When an ice-shelf calves a massive iceberg or collapses entirely, the marine environment, to which species might have acclimated to for many years, can transition quickly between a food-poor and a food-rich system Gutt et al.

Studies on the West Antarctic Peninsula suggest that at least some components of Antarctic benthic communities on the shelf, such as glass sponges and pioneering species, can increase rapidly in areas that are newly ice-free, fueled by higher export of surface production Gutt et al. Conversely, slower-growing deep-sea corals and bryozoans may respond more slowly to changing environmental conditions. Further, it is currently also not possible to validate our predictions with independent data, because there have been no comprehensive observations of the deep seafloor since the glacier calving.

However, if the benthic community response in East Antarctica is similar to that of the West Antarctic Peninsula, the community composition on the Mertz Bank can be expected to change rapidly in the more favorable environment after the glacier calving, or will have undergone changes already, given that 8 years have passed since the calving event.

The postulated more favorable environment on the Mertz Bank might continue to persist for some time until the MGT regrows the ice tongue. Further, oceanographic models from after the calving indicate an increase in basal melting of the MGT due to warmer, faster moving waters from the east after grounded tabular iceberg relocation and the MGT calving Cougnon et al. Food-availability is a key factor influencing species distributions. Here, we map predicted changes in relevant seafloor-food-availability caused by the calving of a major glacier tongue, and predict change in distributional patterns of benthic suspension feeders, a key element of Antarctic biodiversity.

The predicted distribution of suspension feeders after the glacier-calving provides an up to date picture of a key part of seafloor biodiversity, from which the representativeness of the proposed MPA can be assessed. Until regular monitoring programs are established, modeling studies such as ours give important information and context for future monitoring and assessment. Our study provides insight into temporal change and into the mechanisms that drive changes at the seafloor.

This is important for a holistic understanding of the Antarctic marine ecosystem, and helps us to understand how climate change can affect the seafloor in the future. The depth of the shelf ranges between m on the banks to 1, m in the basins. Strong katabatic winds in the region drive sea-ice production Massom et al. These permanent ice-free areas support a long growing season for phytoplankton resulting in high phytoplankton productivity Arrigo and Van Dijken, ; Sambrotto et al.

Abundant and diverse benthic suspension feeder communities have been found primarily on the shallower section of the shelf between and m Post et al. Further, tidal currents on the seafloor redistribute surface derived production, with flux rates of organic particles directly related to the abundance and species richness of the benthic community Jansen et al.

The MGT calves off massive icebergs in an estimated year cycle Campagne et al. For more details on the study area and the oceanography we refer to numerous papers on the region e. Beaman and Harris, ; Cougnon et al. Ocean current speeds and directions before and after the glacier calving are derived from a tide-simulating oceanographic model for the George V shelf developed by Cougnon et al. The model setup used here is similar to that described by Cougnon et al.

The horizontal grid has a resolution of 2. The vertical grid is arranged to give higher resolution at the top and bottom of the water column.

The model domain encompassed the area from the Antarctic coastline to the deep ocean at The model includes ocean-ice shelf thermodynamics described by three equations following Holland and Jenkins , frazil ice thermodynamics following Galton-Fenzi et al.

The bathymetry in both simulations is based on RTopo-1 Timmermann et al. Ice draft of the MGT and B09B, along with the underlying bathymetry, is based on an early version of the most up-to-date product by Mayet et al. The total run time of the model for each simulation before and after calving is 33 years, using an annually repeating loop of the same lateral forcing for both simulations and an annually repeating loop of the surface forcing corresponding to each icescape.

This 33 year run includes a spin-up phase of 30 years to reach equilibrium. The spin-up phase of the model has no relevance for the seafloor communities, but is a procedure to ensure the ocean model reaches equilibrium so that the ocean heat content and the ocean currents are relatively stable under the applied forcing, allowing to analyze the output.

The iceberg B09B is at equilibrium in the model. In the model, icebergs and ice-shelves are steady and do not move or change shape. We used Level-3 binned daily remote sensing reflectance, provided at a resolution of 4 km equal-area bins, and corrected the values for Southern Ocean application using the algorithm in Johnson et al.

Daily measures of chlorophyll-a concentrations were averaged for southern hemisphere spring and summer in each year for a 5-year period before — and after — the calving of the MGT. Daily measures of sea-ice concentrations were averaged for southern hemisphere spring and summer in each year for a 5-year period both before — and after — the calving of the MGT.

We mapped the availability of surface-derived food at the seafloor before and after the calving event using a validated food-availability model FAM as described in Jansen et al. The FAM uses a distribution of particles that is based on multi-year averages of satellite derived chlorophyll-a section Surface Productivity and Sea-Ice , and tracks individual particles from the surface to the seafloor while accounting for their sinking speed, the speed and direction of currents section Ocean Model and Bathymetry in 3D, and the sedimentation-rate of particles on the seafloor based on particle sizes Jansen et al.

While the objectives in our study differ strongly from the Jansen et al. Current speeds on the shelf seem to be slightly lower in the pre-calving part of the model developed by Cougnon et al. For the particle tracking, we used four consecutive time-slices of the ocean-model for the summer season before and after the calving respectively. We used the four consecutive time slices with the strongest differences in current direction and speed, to ensure that each time slice adequately captures one full tidal movement a 6 h time-slice with 3 h of incoming tide and 3 h of outgoing tide would show very little current speed.

At each time-step the location of each particle with respect to the ROMS-cells was calculated, and water current speed and direction at that location updates for advection of the particles during the next time-step.

Particles were stopped when they either moved out of the study area or matched the stopping criteria for the respective model, as described in Jansen et al. We use the FAM-parameters previously defined for this region Jansen et al.

For the particle tracking, we used R Version 3. We use the same dataset of benthic images as used by Jansen et al. Transects during the CEAMARC were designed to cover a wide range of depths and geomorphologies in the region and therefore can be considered representative of the area modeled. The trawl was controlled using a deck winch.

Benthic fauna were identified to the lowest taxonomic resolution possible and, where species identification was not possible, specimens with similar overall appearance were grouped into morphotypes.

The bottom third of each image was scored. Using taxonomy and body-type along with expert knowledge, the abundance of the suspension feeding fauna in each picture was calculated. We use the image data and the maps of environmental data for — to generate a pre-calving statistical model, aiming at producing the statistical model that best explains the abundance of suspension feeders SF. Each transect was split at the boundaries of the environmental grid cells to ensure all pictures lay within the same value for the environmental covariates.

We backwards selected variables from a full model using AIC. The full model contained the important environmental variables identified by Jansen et al. The final model contained only depth and log horizontal-flux as predictor variables.

We found that using a negative binomial generalized linear model compared to a linear model in the previous study did not affect the selection of model terms. Therefore, the change in selected model terms is likely to come from the difference in the ocean model or the surface productivity. The pre-calving statistical model showed a good fit between the predicted and the observed values at the sample sites, with possibly a slight underestimation of suspension feeders at high abundances Figure 5.

Due to the limited amount of biological data available, we were not able to use separate datasets for training and testing the statistical model. We then used the pre-calving statistical model to predict the spatial distribution of SF-cover in both the pre-calving and the post-calving environment. The difference between the resulting maps was used to make inferences about areas with expected increases and decreases in the abundance of suspension feeders.

Further, we bootstrapped the parameters of the pre-calving statistical model to obtain estimates for the standard-deviation of the predictions. For the statistical analysis, we used R Version 3. Estimates of suspension feeder abundances from benthic images are available through the Australian Antarctic Division Data Centre Jansen et al.

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– Functional group diversity is key to Southern Ocean benthic carbon pathways | PLOS ONE


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