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Perhaps we’ve all become accustomed to the fact that movie-licensed titles are rarely ever good. While the PlayStation version set new grounds for multi-genre action, the conversion of this game to the PC simply fails in comparison — even with the help of 3D acceleration. What was Fox Interactive thinking when they made this game? The so-called 3D graphics are nothing but primitive pieces of polygon This is attributed to mainly the people walking around.

They’re like blocks of mosaic trash pieced together, crude with tons of glitches. The rest of the graphics are fine, however. The backgrounds and animation is smoother than the PlayStation’s. Unfortunately, you’ll have to download the patch if you want to play the game over five frames per second! This isn’t to say that the game isn’t good.

The basic design is still there, with all of the elements that made the PlayStation version what it is. The controls are the worst part about the game. You can either use a mouse, joypad or keyboard. Each is particularly useful according to whatever story mode you’re playing. For example, the mouse is perfect for Die Hard 2: Die Harder while the keyboard is good for the other two. However, the joypad control is very flawed for this game, especially in the Die Hard With A Vengeance mode.

Your car doesn’t turn well as if it was on water! The game sounds pretty good overall, with some dramatic and action-packed music. Voices are done decently and really keep the pace moving. All of the catchy phrases from the movies are here, as well as some convincing environmental effects. Not the best, but really good considering the type of game that it is. Without the patch the game suffers horribly. With the patch, the game is decent but still worse compared to the PlayStation version, which doesn’t even have the benefits of hardware 3D acceleration like those for PCs.

So whatever happened in the transition, it just didn’t make it all the way across. But if you’re still interested in trying it out, by all means you’ll definitely cure your curiosity, but don’t cry when it starts to test your patience.

Graphics: With the patch the animation becomes much faster — too fast, in fact. The graphics aren’t all that cleaned up or anything, as the blocky characters are still the same. The backgrounds are okay but something was definitely lost in the conversion of this game. Sound: The CD quality sound effects and music are the only highlights of this game. Enjoyment: This game would’ve benefited from a light gun.

The visuals are just horrible, as is the control scheme, particularly with a joypad. The patch helps a lot but is still far from making the game solid. Replay Value: There isn’t much else you can do upon completion of this game.

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It’s the world’s finest website to download games like Die Hard Trilogy PC. It is a flawlessly designed Shooter, Racing, Arcade category PC. Basically, you shoot every terrorist on each level and try to free all the hostages, In Die Hard Trilogy, you get an action game (a la Resident Evil).


Die hard trilogy pc game free. Die Hard Trilogy Full PC Game


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EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Each movie is represented through a totally different style, making this a « 3 games in 1 » style package. Terrorists have interrupted the company’s Christmas party and taken hostages. As McClane, the player must search for hostages through computer, construction, maintenance, and executive levels. McClane’s default pistol holds infinite ammo, and the player can collect limited-ammo machine guns and grenades inside the levels.

Walls turn transparent when they intersect the camera, allowing players to follow McClane through hallways and rooms with ease. After all the hostages on a level have been rescued, the player has 30 seconds to locate a bomb sent down by elevator, then use that elevator to move to the next level.

Is a first-person arcade gun game, nearly identical to Virtua Cop. The player automatically moves through the airport and surrounding areas « on rails, » shooting bad guys that appear from behind the scenery.

Weapon upgrade icons can be shot to be collected, and either use limited ammo, or are retained until the player is hit identical to Lethal Enforcers. Players can also destroy parts of the environment by shooting it, which can be used to take out nearby terrorists with explosions, or by shooting overhead items to drop on them.

This game supports pad controls, or any of the PlayStation’s gun controllers. Has players racing through New York City streets in a variety of vehicles, trying to locate bombs before they explode.

A strict timer ticks off the next explosion, and the player is guided only by a direction arrow and the vocal suggestions of their co-driver. Bombs are hidden inside everyday objects like phone booths and benches and are defused by ramming them, which activates the timer on the next bomb.

Occasional « bomb cars » must be chased and rammed until their life bar is depleted. Powerups can be collected by running over icons in the streets, and include extra time, turbo boosts, and jumps to rocket over obstacles. All three games are exaggeratedly bloody players can run over pedestrians in Die Hard 3 and wipe the blood away with windshield wipers.

Each of the three games also uses a combination of textured polygons and sprites to generate their worlds, resulting in warping textures and some quirky « paper doll » effects.

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