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Aimed at the five-to-ten-year-old crowd, this game features 30 kids as players to choose from as you assemble the ultimate neighborhood club and try for Major League Baseball pros join the Backyard Kids for a one-of-a-kind sports experience! Backyard Baseball Humongous Entertainment steps up to the plate with another release in its sports series and hits a home run. With original animation, a delicate mix of Major and Little League rules, and kid versions of Major League Baseball heroes, Backyard Baseball is an excellent sports title for kids.

Backyard Baseball Remember the days before baseball succumbed to greed, player pampering, and steroid-inflated statistics? While that sentiment may be germane to Backyard Baseball for the fact you can play 31 Major League Baseball pros as kids, overall public opinion of the sport has waned considerably in recent decades because of Backyard Baseball Backyard Baseball, the series combining playground atmosphere along with real players and teams, continues on computer platforms with the release of Backyard Baseball The twist is that the ‘real’ players in the game appear as children along with the rest of the sandlot lineup.

Featured pros include Sammy Sosa, Backyard Basketball Humongous Entertainment’s Backyard series returns, to offer kid-friendly basketball action for the first time in this release. The computer AI is designed to offer a suitable challenge Gameplay geared toward children delivers easy dribbling, passing, and shooting with power-ups such as Super Speed and the ‘Ice Cream Truck.

Backyard Football Kids love to play football, whether it is Pop Warner or back lot-type games, or even school team football. Well, now the excitement and fun of those school days’ football games comes to your computer in the shape of Backyard Football by Humongous Entertainment. Players can choose from among a group Backyard Football ’09 The backyard kids are back on the gridiron in their seventh family-friendly, easy-to-play game of football. As one of only two NFL video games playing in the season, Backyard Football ’09 makes the most of the license in familiar fashion: Cute, big-headed ‘kid’ versions of the league’s greatest players Backyard Football Humongous Entertainment’s Backyard series returns with more kid-friendly football action in this release.

Young versions of NFL superstars like Ricky Williams and Drew Bledsoe join the neighborhood kid characters, all in 3D-rendered versions new to this  » edition of the game. The computer AI is designed to offer a suitable Players can customize their uniforms and teams, change the lineups, take advantage of powerplays, keep track of individual Backyard Hockey Its friendly, arcade-style hockey action should be familiar to fans, but this year’s version of Backyard Hockey has a new look.

The game is presented in 3D for the first time in this  » edition. As in other Backyard releases, gamers play lighthearted versions of popular sports, as one of Backyard Skateboarding The Backyard series of breaks from its usual offering of child-friendly traditional sports games to deliver this ‘extreme sports’ title for younger players. In Backyard Skateboarding, players can skateboard as one of ten ‘Backyard Kids’ characters, or create a custom skater from scratch.

There are three main modes of play, Backyard Soccer When it comes to great games for kids, I really think Humongous Entertainment has carved themselves a nice niche. Parents who don’t want their youngsters playing Doom or Duke Nukem can instead purchase the Freddi Fish or Pajama Sam series; these are games which are adventures that teach kids all Backyard Sports: Baseball The kids from Backyard Sports: Baseball are back for another season on home computers. Designed to replicate the casual backyard or sandlot ‘pick up’ games played by kids of all ages, Backyard Baseball features controllable elements of pitching, batting, fielding, and running, and the ability to adjust difficulty Bad Cat Sports game featuring you, the cat with various stages.

Your task is the pass various obstacle courses, each more difficult than the last. Ballistix Psygnosis’ Ballistix is an arcade game in which you have to manipulate a ball in order to score a goal with your opponent. To do this, you will control an arrow that defines a direction, and pressing the fire key will launch a ball from this arrow in the direction Bar Games The best elements of the bar scene have been captured and placed on your PC. Baseball Mogul The big question about this game is, do you like football or baseball better?

If you like football better, hop over to the Football Mogul review, because this is basically the same game. If you like baseball better, you’re in the right place. Baseball Mogul is Football Mogul with baseball.

Watch historic video clips, like Hank Aaron’s th home run. Hear Mel Allen’s mellifluous introductions to The gameplay includes the economical management of the team and playing the baseketball game itself on the field. In management phase the player has to buy a team of 8 players, and assign The gameplay includes the economical management of the team and playing the basketball game itself on the field in Tournament or Single Match mode.

In management phase you should buy a Don’t let the lack of recognition fool you, though– Basketball Challenge is a great statistics-based simulation of the sport that will offer many entertaining hours for Bass Class Learn the secrets of bass fishing by casting off with Bass Class.

In this simulation you will select all the small details that will determine whether you catch the big one or go home empty handed. Six different rods and different lure combinations are how specific the details get BassDuel BassTour and BassDuel is an excellent fishing game by Dick Olsen, who marketed his games as mail order shareware titles between and Although graphically dull, the games attracted a loyal following with their excellent attention to real-life fishing conditions, a wide variety of lures and fish, and reasonably BassTour BassTour and BassDuel is an excellent fishing game by Dick Olsen, who marketed his games as mail order shareware titles between and Battle for the Ashes Cricket internationals are known as ‘test’ matches, but to many English and Australian players, most games are a mere test of ability to play in the Ashes, the fabled tours between the 2 countries taking place roughly every 18 months.

Those who regard everything else as a time-filling exercise between BC Racers a. Each of the racers in this game rides a prehistoric motorcycle with a side car. On each two-character team, one person drives the motorcycle, and the other fights off opponents using clubs, punches, Beijing Sega’s exclusive rights to the Olympic Games continues with Beijing , which includes 38 events held in official Chinese venues.

Players will compete in such locales as the Beijing National Stadium and the National Aquatics Centre as they engage in track-and-field, aquatics, gymnastics, equestrian, weightlifting, and other indoor and outdoor Imagine a game where the players play for the love of the game, not the money.

A game where multi-million dollar contracts are unknown. A game where everyone gets to play. Imagine a game just like it was with the youthful innocence of a child. This, my friends, is Backyard Baseball. Backyard Baseball takes you back to when you were a kid, when baseball was a game, and the team was hastily put together among the kids in the neighborhood.

Humongous Entertainment reached back into the past and captured all those childhood memories of baseball and digitally assembled them into this game.

All the details that make the memories real are here – from the kids taunting the pitcher to the child with the asthma inhaler.

Do you remember picking teams, taking turns picking from the best players until only the bad players were left? Do you remember picking someone’s little brother because his big brother was a good player? It’s all here. Nothing was left out. Players choose from fields such as the sandlot, the urban parking lot, and the rich kid’s backyard. Pitchers throw crazy pitches such as the ‘Elevator’ and the ‘Crazy Ball. Gameplay includes all the necessary elements.

Pitchers choose the pitch as well as the placement. Hitters swing at the ball and can even see the strike zone. Fielding is accomplished by clicking where you want the ball thrown, and running is as simple as clicking in the direction you want the runner to advance.

Everything is here, and everything is easy enough for kids. The pace is a little slow, but not too fast for children. Each batter has a distinct personality – from the boy who hops to the plate to the girl who says ‘my game is really tennis, anyway’ when she strikes out. I was extremely impressed with all the details of each character. I have a few complaints about the game. This game doesn’t install any files to the hard disk – everything is run from the CD. For some reason, each swing of the bat causes the CD to be read.

This makes the animation choppy and the mouse click to hit feels sluggish and unresponsive. While the game is playable with this problem, it makes hitting the ball a little difficult. Instead of getting better the more balls I hit, I never really improved.

I think this is because I never was able to time when I hit the mouse button and the player started their swing. I tried copying the entire MB of CD data to the hard disk to see if that improved performance note: this is not an option in the install menu, I just copied it by dragging the contents of the CD into a new folder on my hard disk.

It did speed up the game somewhat, but the batting problem didn’t improve significantly. I also encountered one bug: I hit a ball that bounced infield, then over the fence for what should have been a double. The announcer even stated this was a double, but the runner advanced only to first. This game is terrific and has all the elements of a Gold Medal winner. But I can’t do it. The delay in clicking the mouse and the batter swinging the ball just ruins it for me.

I still like the game a lot and highly recommend it, but a Gold Medal is for games without such evident flaws. I guess I’m mad because this should have been corrected. Even a little play testing would have shown that this was a problem.


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