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I used it on a project for work this morning and it just felt very comfortable, like I had been using it for years. Dell Latitude E, iHQ 2. My old illustrator doesn’t work on my new mac, so I just bought affinity designer specifically to import a DXF file then modify it so Rree could affinity designer dxf support free it back to the laser cutter.


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Converting EPS to DXF works with an online converter ie anyconv , but thats thats not very practical and takes additional steps. Problems with a path and correct sizes may occur. Affinity Designer is even useless for SVGs, it doesn’t export any units except « pixels », no matter what units you use during editing or viewing, the exported SVG only uses pixels. This means precision is lost. Do not use Affinity Designer for lasers or any engineering!! Inkscape is actually perfect for engineering stuff now that you’ve forced me to use it more.

I’ve even coded an Inkscape extension in Python just to help myself out. I always relied on dxf export from illustrator in my work flow. I would think Affinty would be falling behind without this functionality. Silhouette Cameo user here, p lease add DXF export feature! My old illustrator doesn’t work on my new mac, so I just bought affinity designer specifically to import a DXF file then modify it so I could send it back to the laser cutter. And now – I have no idea how to get the file into the proper format i.

Will try one of the work-arounds above, but please, please put this function into the software. DXF is needed! Please add it in for us as an export option. Would save me so much time switching between apps and tackling issues between them.

Can confirm, this is still desperately needed. Someone posted the current sale in our CNC forum and I can’t in good faith recommend it without the caveat of « I love it, but it’s missing this critical feature for our use case.

Come on! You’ve acknowledged this was desired since ! Windows 10 Pro, Version 21H1, Build Dell Latitude E, iHQ 2.

Dell OptiPlex , i 3. Just adding other options. The advantage of using this application is that has other tools that are lacking for the moment in Affinity Designer. Affinity Designer is my main Vector Graphic editor in my work flow, but for example, there are many things I love to do hand drawn, since it give a nostalgic touch for certain projects, and Affinity lacks a way to trace bitmaps.

Inkscape, in my opinion, has one of the best bitmap tracing engine implemented in the application, is a little buggy and takes sometime to get used to it, but once you master it is the best, again in my opinion. For these rare occasions that Affinity Designer let me down, I can manage by opening Inkscape.

It’s been around for many years, so I can say with certainty that is secure and amazing tool. Even when I used Adobe Illustrator in the past, Inkscape was my go to for many other stuff. Today I mostly use Affinity Designer, which I love. But again, Inkscape comes to the rescue from time to time. If Affinity is supposed to be an Illustrator alternative why would one need to export to another piece of software to get a simple result that should be built in.

I believe Affinity Designer will have this in the future, in the meantime, the time I spend exporting to another application is less expensive than a subscription. Even if you charge premium for your time. If you constantly required to export DXF files would be obvious that Illustrator is your best option.

There are many things Illustrator has that I do miss, like the 3D tools. If your workflow depends on these then is obvious that you will have to invest annually or monthly in an Adobe subscription. As an career Illustrator, there are things that I consider are essential for me and I can say for sure, Affinity Designers along with Publisher and Photo has become an essential tool.

The simple fact that by opening Affinity Publisher to generate content give me the liberty of not having to have Photo and Designer running, since I can change to each of it’s tools from inside Publisher, that’s a big time saving for me. Pricing: Affinity Designer lets you try free for 90 days. Get vectors ready for print fast and easy, edit multi-page documents, convert bitmap to vector non-destructively, and generate QR codes.

Check out the LiveSketch feature on touch-enabled devices to turn sketching into precise vector graphics. CorelDRAW is the go-to software for many printing industries in certain parts of the world. AppSumo Deal: Pixelied. Learn more. Many people who use Illustrator rely on tools like Canva when they need to create graphics quickly. And one of the top Canva alternative in the market is Pixelied. You can upload your vector files from Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Pixelied to use in your designs.

Built for UI design, prototyping, and wireframing, Sketch also gives users powerful vector graphics editing abilities. Plus, Sketch has a diverse suite of educational resources. AI and PSD with limited support.

Pricing: You can try Sketch for 30 days. For a free Sketch alternative for Windows, check out Lunacy from icons8. Share files with links, instead of exporting each time you need another pair of eyes on your work.

Speaking of collaboration, Figma might be most well-known for offering real-time teamwork-friendly possibilities. I will be watching your vid on the next free evening I have!! The second video should be up in a day or so. Svg works great. I think TomWS describes dxf as an older format. I wish svg were the industry standard. To get my designs into a dxf that the local laser shop can cut takes two additional programs. Your tutorial is effective to get going! There is something that happens when you export, and try to just save as a new file type.

He figured out that to get a perfect dxf version of an svg that I create in Affinity, you have to do the following. He has a bit more of an understanding of some of the coding behind the files and how different programs interpret things. The only use I have for dxf is for farming out bigger jobs to a local laser cutter.

Resposition the imported object so you can confirm that it is the correct size it should be. Then save the file as cooktop2. Close Inkscape. If you import cooktop2.

I started QCad, made sure my application units were in inches and imperial measure, opened cooktop2. If you open that dxf with SheetCam Scaling should be Inch , it, too, will be the correct size.